Intro To Hot Coffee 101

Editor’s Note: This was written by Map Dot, Kentucky founder Cory Ramsey in late 2013. It has been hidden away on a zip drive in a drawer until now.


Welcome to another blog about Kentucky. At least you’ll drink a lot of coffee with me.

I’m a professional road tripper. I get up every morning, pour a cup of black Folger’s into a stainless travel mug, and drive a two lane I haven’t been on to a spot nobody’s heard of. I found out after living in Kentucky my whole life and traveling only the four lanes that I had missed about 99 percent of what was off the cloverleaves. Beyond the Interstate exits. In the sticks. Worse yet, I had grown up in the country and should have known better.

Over the past two years, these stick drives have taken me to every county in Kentucky. Twice. And to within 20 miles of any given location in the state. Along the way, I took quite a few pictures, and began posting them on a Facebook page in August, 2013. Map Dot, Kentucky went viral immediately, as small town Kentuckians began to relate with like neighbors all over the state, and those living in bigger areas wanted to see what else was out there, too.

I’ve been fortunate to appear on TV and radio, and write for papers and magazines about the trips, but funding comes from a “real” job. I’m a welder. So, road trip in the morning, earn my keep at night. I quit sleeping altogether sometime in 2011.

This won’t be a travel guide, or a history lesson. It’s a story of what happened during those mornings when I hit the road. With Kentucky and its places an ample backdrop. Buckle Up, and I’ve got the tab this trip.


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