The Great American Donut Shop

I had to get a battery for our chirping and lately dismantled hallway smoke detector. Having bought a new house last year and the detector already mounted, I didn’t realize it took weird 3 volt batteries until it was time to change them. We were used to the 9 volt for smoke alarms, but apparently the industry went to 3 volt. A small, fat, miniature version of the D battery is what it looks like, and it sent me on a trip to Batteries and Bulbs at the traffic junction of Bowling Green’s 31W and Broadway.

It also was an excuse for a donut stop nearby.

The Great American Donut Shop has been¬†on the bypass¬†forever. At least it looks like it. Step through the door and the color scheme reminds of a 1980s Burger King. It truly is coffee and donuts here. Known by the locals as the abbreviated “GADS,” it has been a favorite of shift workers and college students, doctors and lawyers, and many a church Sunday School class. Man can’t live by bread alone, but a donut hole now and then can go a long way. To see a white box with the familiar red stamp on it beckons anyone with sweet tooth to pry a corner to see if anything has been left. And oh, the reward if there is still a glazed or cake donut still inside.

But the best are in the glass case right out of the baking. Chain donut places try as the may, it’s the local favorite that wins every time. A real #bgcoolthing.

Oh, and the smoke detector works again, too…


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