Here We Go (Again)

The first time I wrapped up a 120 county tour was late 2012. I had looked back on all of the Kentucky counties I had traveled to over the course of my life and knocked out the ones that were left at that point. Mission Accomplished. So, the next year, 2013, I launched the “Kiss My Trail Tour” to prove that I could still travel around despite a grueling seven day work schedule at my automotive (travel bankroll) job. I did still travel, launched Map Dot, Kentucky that August, and saw every county in Kentucky…again.

That was the last time I had traveled to every county. And for a while, that was ok. The year 2014 saw great media attention from travels that had just happened. The rubber was still fresh on the road. The coffee was still hot in our cups. The memories and road advice still relevant to those who wanted to enjoy it.

Fast Forward six years and anything gets a little stale. It has been that long since a bunch of eastern Kentucky was driven through. Some of those 120 counties have not gotten a visit since the summer of ’13. There are Kindergarteners who were not even born yet the last time full scale Map Dot trips happened. And many of the Facebook page’s 19,000 fans were not even following the page yet in the fall of that year. They have never seen a 120 county tour in real time like it was back then.

So here we go. Again. This quest for 120 won’t happen as fast as the ’13 Tour did. It will take a few years this time and put us on into 2021 or 2022 still doing the Map Dot Thing. But, oh, what fun for those who have never seen it happen. The ride along on social media is just as fun as being in the car. There is something special and certainly a county pride seeing Map Dot pull into YOUR Kentucky County and sample YOUR slice of the Bluegrass. And we have always made you look good, you know that.

This time around, you know ‘ol Map Dot aleady. So if we are in your neck of the backroad, be sure and say hello. We’ll snap a picture with you and make you part of the story this time around.



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